♥️ 28 dAY CHALLENGE ♥️
Time to get your life, body & health back without crazy fad diets or giving up your favourite foods! 

You do everything for everyone!

If someone needs help you are the first one to jump in...

Whether it's at work, a friend, your little ones, you name it!

You're always there for them!

but... what about you?! 

At which point is it too much?
When is it your turn?

When do you get to be the priority?

We empower dedicated mothers to regain their strength, health and confidence, without fad diets, expensive supplements or starving themselves. 

Don't you think it's about time?
Don't you think you deserve it?

This is for you if...
 You're a busy, dedicated mother between the ages of 24 to 55 and you have at least 20 to 50+ lbs to lose.

 You're fed up with trying every diet or "nutrition system" out there with no real progress. 

 You want to exercise in a private studio instead of a huge big box gym full of strangers. 

 You've learnt that the crash-and-burn approach doesn't work and are ready to make it a lifestyle. 

 You've had (or currently have) a thyroid disorder or hormonal imbalance or recently hit menopause.

 You want to wear clothes you love (not just the ones that fit), you want to be able to shop anywhere you want!

 You want to be excited for life again & get your mojo back, instead of feeling self conscious in social settings or depressed.

 You're ready to make yourself a PRIORITY as you've taken care of everything and everyone else at your own expense.
During this program...
 You'll know EXACTLY what to eat with our Done-for-you Meal Plan including Recipes,  grocery shopping list, Success Manual, Swapping guide, etc... no more guesswork!

 3 Weekly training sessions led by a Personal Trainer: Strength Training, Cardio Boxing, Zumba, Core Class, Kickboxing, Booty & Abs, and more!

 Encouragement from friendly Personal Trainers that have been in your shoes and know what it's like to struggle themselves.

 Individualized attention to ensure you're working out properly for your level, so you don't get hurt!

 Weekly Check ins & supervised weigh ins to ensure you are making progress every week!

Private Facebook Support Group to share your successes and be supported by the Driven Family!

 Weekly Accountability Calls to keep you on track no matter what life throws at you!
From our members...
It's time for YOU to be the priority! 
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